Postcards from the Past

The Avenue

When the Platt Fields was first established promenading was a popular pastime and families would dress up in their best clothes to walk around the Park. With over three and a half miles of footpaths, platt fields has been a place to be ‘seen’ ever since it was created. Over time, the clothes may have …

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Rusholme was changing rapidly at the start of the twentieth century. Once a small village, it became a city suburb in 1885 as Manchester expanded and the city boundaries were redrawn. In 1907 you could still see the legacy of its rural past, as the field in front of Platt Hall was cut for hay. …

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The Bandstand

Platt Fields has had musical events on for a long time, as you can see above. There have been many concerts, performances and festivals in the park. There is no longer a bandstand, but you can tell where it was by standing in the middle of the ring of trees that were planted around it. …

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